Joyce Chu, nicknamed Sìyècǎo (Chinese for “four-leaf clover”), is a Malaysian singer-songwriter who rose to fame in 2014 after the music video of her song, “Malaysia Chabor” went viral, gained more than 20 million views on YouTube. She is also a member of RED People, a group of artists supervised by controversial rapper-songwriter Namewee.

Joyce Chu became a regional internet sensation with her song “Malaysia Chabor”, composed by Namewee with information about herself. The song was based on recounts of netizens uploading her photos onto fake accounts and describing her as a Korean, which annoyed her, and she uses the song to tell others she is a “Malaysian Chabor” (Malaysian girl) and not Korean, as many have assumed her to be.

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In November 2015, it was announced that Joyce Chu would release her self-titled EP. The lead single from the EP, “I Miss U”, featured herself in more than a hundred locations in different countries. This song was covered by other celebrities, such as Happy Polla, Jung Yong-hwa and TFBoys, leading to a further rise in popularity, receiving more than a million Facebook fans. Another version has rap verses by Namewee.

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Joyce Chu was invited to invited to participate in China’s music reality TV show Heroes of Remix, and was picked by her pop idol Leehom to be on his team. “I was so honored when he picked me,” gushed the YouTube star. “Besides the fact that he’s super handsome and talented, he’s someone I’ve loved since young. To be able to meet him in person is beyond my wildest dreams!”

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