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Jia Shan (Shan Shan) stunning Taiwanese dancer with big eyes

Jia Shan (Shan Shan) is a stunning dancer and model from Taiwan, with big, deep eyes and lovely features, she can be seen at many exhibitions and events in Taiwan, such as game, multimedia exhibitions and race events.

Park Ga Rin Fair Skinned stunning Korean Broadcast Jockey

Park Ga Rin also known as BJ GaRin is a popular Korean Broadcast Jockey, she interacts with fans regularly and has gained many fans and followers, she has also started to broadcast on the Chinese broadcast website Panda TV, and has gained many more Chinese followers.

Suki Lau Sweet Hong Kong model that you just adore

劉玉卿 Suki
Suki Lau is a sweet girl from Hong kong, she has had various photo shoots both in studios and outdoor, she also shares these photos and selfies online quite frequently, and has accumulated many followers.

Liu Ya Xi Gorgeous Chinese model with stunning figure

Liu Ya Xi is a gorgeous model from Beiing, China, she currently works as a model and promotional model and has attended many exhibitions and events in China, she is also an enthusiastic gamer and is into several games, including League of Legends.

Lola Captivating leggy Taiwanese promotional model

蘿菈 Lola
Lola is a promotional model from Taiwan, her most captivating is undoubtedly her long legs, she attends many exhibitions and car races in Taiwan, and has gained many fans.

Amelia Wong Gorgeous promotional figure with stunning figure

Amelia Wong (Uyi) is a gorgeous promotional model from Taiwan, she has a stunning figure many girls are envious of, she can frequently be seen at various exhibitions and events in Taiwan, she has also started appearing on Taiwanese varsity shows.

Yueer Stunning Malaysian model that’s taking over the internet

Yueer is a lovely girl from Malaysian, she has a gorgeous smile and stunning figure, she currently works a photography model and promotional model, and has an extremely large following on Instagram, over 200,000 followers, and she frequently shares selfies and portfolios and interacts with her followers.

Emma Hung Stunning Taiwanese racequeen that’s irresistible

Emma Hung is a stunning model from Taiwan, she has been blessed with beautiful features and a figure that most girls would dream of, she primarily works as a racequeen at various motor exhibitions and races.

Chotip Kungnang Jandahan Gorgeous fair skinned Thai model

Chotip Kungnang Jandahan
Chotip Kungnang Jandahan is a beautiful model from Thailand, she primarily works as outdoor model, showgirl and racequeen, she has attended many events and exhibitions.

Elaiza Ikeda Stunning Japanese fashion model turned actress

Elaiza Ikeda is a Japanese fashion model and actress. She began modeling in 2009 after winning the "Grand Priz Nicola Model Audition 2009". She is of Filipino and Spanish descent through her mother's side. She has since started acting and have started in several Japanese films and dramas such as "All Esper Dayo" and "Wolf Girl and Black Prince".